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Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

Posted on: May 26, 2011 1:34 pm
Los Angeles Lakers vice president Jim Buss believes center Andrew Bynum is untradeable. Posted by Ben Golliver. andrew-bynum

The Los Angeles Lakers have selected Mike Brown to be their next head coach, guard Kobe Bryant and his teammates weren't consulted and the process is said to have been led by Lakers vice president Jim Buss, the son of owner Jerry Buss.

Whenver there's change at a key position like head coach, the waters start to feel a bit choppy. That goes double when there's a new voice taking on an enhanced role in the front office. While the Lakers will begin getting acquainted with Brown, Lakers fans are left to study up on Jim Buss, who until now hasn't seemed like a major player in the organization.

Yahoo! Sports reportsthat we do know one thing about him: he remains deadset on holding onto Lakers center Andrew Bynum.
Now, Jim Buss has two guys in the franchise: Brown and Andrew Bynum. In fact, Buss has made something clear within the Lakers, sources say: Bynum is untouchable in trade talks.

For now, this could include a sign-and-deal for the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard. The Lakers are Howard’s preference, but they don’t have salary cap space to sign him. They’ll need a deal that includes Bynum to the Magic, but there are those seriously doubting Jim Buss’ desire to make such a trade. After all, Bynum was Jim Buss’ discovery, his pet project and believes Bynum will ultimately resonate as the son’s personal Lakers legacy.

Buss’ loyalty will be Bynum and Brown. These are his guys now.
There was an identical refrain during rumored trade talks with the Denver Nuggets prior to the deadline. There was word of a Bynum-for-Carmelo Anthony trade for quite some time before Anthony was eventually shipped to the New York Knicks. That deal reportedly never got off the ground because of Jim Buss' loyalty to Bynum.

Is this unmitigated loyalty misplaced? Yes.

Personal ties should never drive roster decisions. Sure, they can be a factor -- even a major factor -- but in weighing options but they never should be a deal-breaker. 

In Bynum, the Lakers have arguably the second best center in the league. They also have a big man, locked into a long-term contract, who is ready, willing and able to shoulder more of the offensive burden. He says the right things about playing defense and protects the rim well. He's a mismatch problem for the vast, vast majority of NBA teams.

Of course, the negatives are clear too: He's a hothead, as evidenced by his evisceration of J.J. Barea in the playoffs. He's a bit moody and still a touch immature. And, most importantly, he has a long history of injury issues.

Bynum played very well down the stretch of this season and his salary going foward -- $14.9 million next season and $16.1 million in 2012-2013 -- is fair given the rarity of his skills and size. 

Should that make him untradeable? Especially if Howard -- who has better numbers and a solid track record of winning -- is available? No way.

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 4:35 pm

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

Hey guys,  I didn't have a lot of time to read through all the posts, so if this has been said all ready, I apologize.  This is all about actually trading Bynum for Howard.  Buss isn't an idiot, and if the one guy you really want is going to take Bynum to make the deal, you don't go around saying "Buynum is expendable, he's on the block, anyone who wants him...make an offer!"  This is simply a case of building extra value in a trading peice.  If the Magic really believe that Buss is attached to Bynum, and that's who they want...they won't be as likley to ask for extras...Bynum himself might just do it.  Anyways, gotta run, but I think this is a brilliant move by Buss, using the ignorant media to portray a false painting of him being attached at the hip with Bynum...smooth move!

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 12:23 pm

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

Let's see Bynum.. Howard.. Howard... Bynum... no brainer!! Howard hands down!

I think I have the smarts to be the son of an owner!

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 9:46 am

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

He was Jim Buss' draft least that is we are told by team insiders on LA sports talk shows.... which explains the irrational need to over defend Bynum as a key component to the Lakers future. No doubt, when healthy and of sound mind, Bynum can be a beast, but he is a fragile beast. Hundreds and hundreds of playing minutes have been squandered while recovering from injuries to his somewhat fragile knees. His emotions at times are also fragile.....he does not have the warrior heart or intestinal fortitude of a Kobe.....who had matured into a man-player by this time in his career.
Yet at the end of the season...we saw a glimpse of who this young man could be. Will he ever dominate the low post like Howard?...doubtful.

So is Buss Junior holding onto another Hollywood illusion....or is JB a smarter son then he appears? Perhaps this is all the backdrop for the blockbuster trade we would all like to see in LA....Andrew for Dwight.It will be interesting to watch this unfold now that we are in the Post Jackson Laker era. 

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 8:46 am

Bynum for Howard - - - No Brainer!

Jim Buss needs to wake up and smell the coffee!  If the Lakers don't somehow bring in another super star, then they will soon be passed by the Clippers, yes the Clippers, as southern California's NBA team of choice.  Not only did the Lakers look old this season, but they played uninspired, lack luster basketball in the playoffs.  They looked as if they were coasting at times, as if fate alone was going to deliver a third straight ring to them.  Blake Griffith and the gang are breathing up the tired old Lakers neck right now.  Without making the Howard deal, Kobe and the Lakers will just stay in this downward spiral to mediocrity, while the upstart Clippers pass them by to become LA's favorite sons.  As I said before, Jim Buss, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!  Jack Nicholson at a Clips game?  Can you imagine that?

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 8:26 am

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

When you become mediocre as the Lakers have

Yeah, what a mediocre team they have become.  I'm not sure who has the worst fans in basketball, the Celtics or the Heat.  We'll call it a tie.

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 7:31 am

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

When you become mediocre as the Lakers have trouble is always right around the corner. As a Celtics fan I suggest the Lakers stand pat this offseason! Hahahaha!

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Posted on: May 27, 2011 2:36 am

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

bynum is good luke walton is not

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 9:24 pm

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

Just because he's Jerrys son why not give Jeannie some say so because its obvious Jim is going to ruin everything his father built in the Lakers...he may have the last name "BUSS" but he seems to lack the brains!!!

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 7:08 pm

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

Jim is a dumb ass who doesn't know basketball at all...he's rich but stupid. i would go CP3 or howard for bynum. this guy bynum is immature and injury prone, who know's another injury will keep him out of basketball again just like yao meng.... 

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 5:46 pm

Lakers VP thinks Andrew Bynum is untouchable?

This entire post is nothing but heresay and drivel.. There are no direct quotes here, or is this from a direct interview. It does say "yahoo sports report says". Yahoo sports... gimme a break, the last story yahoo sports broke was OCHOCINCO wants to change his name back.
    Andrew Bynum may very well be "untradeable" at this time. He currently remains outside the top ten of centers in the NBA. His mental health has proved weak as well as his health and fitness.  The Lakers paid too much for Bynum to trade him right now, while his worth may be at an all time low. All the Lakers can do right now is play a little wait and see. 
    A word on Derek Fisher " I hope the Lakers allow him to finish his career as a Laker, he deserves that respect.


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