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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

Posted on: May 10, 2011 3:11 am
Edited on: May 10, 2011 3:46 am
The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks return to Chicago for a pivotal game 5 in a series tied 2-2. Posted by Ben Golliver.

One Big Thing:  It's been beaten to death, but there isn't a bigger story than Derrick Rose's shot-taking. 27, 27, 27, 32: That's the number of field goal attempts Rose has jacked in the first four games of this series. He's a really nice guy, the best player on the court and being guarded by Jeff Teague, so it's tough to put him on blast. By taking 32 shots in Game 4, he became only the third player in this year's playoffs -- joining Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook -- to fire 30+ times. So we can't even call this the "Kobe Zone" any more. All jokes aside, 12-for-32 from the field is almost guaranteed to result in a loss, and Rose faces the same old choices in Game 5: less shots or better shots. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is advocating for better shots, as he wants Rose to continue to get to the rim and the free throw line. 

The X-Factor: Chicago's bench has been called one of the best in the league and the group contributed 34 points in Game 3. Unfortunately, that production took a nosedive in Game 4, scoring just 14 points on a combined 5-16 shooting. Kyle Korver was a major culprit, shooting 1-8 from the field and going 0-5 from deep after shooting 1-9 in Game 2 as well. In that context, Rose's 32 attempts in Game 4 don't look all that bad. Korver had a bounceback game in Game 3 and the Bulls would love to see another one of those in Game 5. 

The Adjustment: Hawks forward Josh Smith played like a different man in Game 4, tallying 23 points, 16 rebounds and eight assists, and finally displaying some of the game-changing athleticism that was being wasted earlier in the series as he stood passively on the perimeter and hucked jumpers. So far during this series, Smith has averaged six boards a game in Chicago and 14.5 boards a game in Atlanta. Whatever the difference was -- whether the Hawks crowd got to him, whether he's twisting an intensity knob to "11" on a 1-10 scale or whether he's chugging a special home-brewed energy drink prior to tip -- Smith needs to make sure that impact carries over to the United Center on Tuesday. Atlanta's other big men have their hands full with Joakim Noah and Smith has shown he can be a difference-maker in this series if he gets loose.

The Sticking Point: If you're still having trouble believing the Hawks are for real, even this deep into the second round, you're not alone. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted Jamal Crawford with the perfect summary of their season: "We've shown we can play with anybody, and some nights we can play with nobody." The Hawks aren't the only ones concerned about not showing up, however. The Chicago Tribune notes that Bulls forward Taj Gibson says the Bulls can't solely rely on their homecourt advantage to take Game 5. That both teams are worried about laying a goose egg would be troubling if the concern wasn't legit. The Hawks have rolled over twice and the Bulls got surprised once in the United Center and then came out flat in Game 4. The last 72 hours have seen the tenor of the rest of the playoffs get super duper serious: The Lakers were eliminated, the Heat nabbed a crucial, series-changing win in Boston and the Grizzlies and Thunder battled to three overtimes on Monday night. It's on both the Hawks and the Bulls to prove they can reach those heights. The clock is ticking.
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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

game 5 is a pivotal game in a 7-game series----whoever in the nba  wins game 5 has the series sewed up over 60% of the time....... if that team has the homecourt advantage, might as well consider the loser gone over 90% of the time.

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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

Playoff Fix: Less articles from Golliver

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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

Golliver is a hack.

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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

In regards to this article D.Rose ought to keep doing what he's been doing unless the coach tells him to do otherwise. Now if he would have won the game with the same stats nothing would've been said but since they lost it's all of the sudden a problem that he's shooting too much. The Bulls wouldn't be in the playoffs if it wasn't for D.Rose......for any Bulls fans they either live or die with whatever he does on the court for the team.....Don't all of the main star for each playoff teams takes the bulk of the shots anyway(unless your name happens to be Westbrook!)?

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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

Here's the deal...Very few teams in the history of the NBA have players that will absolutely take over a game and will their team to victory.  Kobe has done it with the Lakers, Michael did it with the Bulls, and I am sure there are a few others.  Well...add Derrick Rose to that list now.  I think Derrick, whether he takes 30+ shots or not, will lead the Bulls to victory.  The problem with Game 4 was that the Bulls' defense wasn't popping back into shape like it should.  There was no weakside help when Noah guards the top of the key and cannot get back fast enough.  Just know that the Bulls will come out with more tenacity tonight and you are going to be finding more of the same inconsistent play from this Hawks team.  The Bulls are still in control of this series because they are the better team and they have 2 more home games to make it all right...including tonight...

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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

Its so funny how people are surprised by this. This is the Bulls offense, and any person who has watched the Bulls more than 20 times and knows anything about basketball, could have seen this coming.

Thibs is an extremely over rated coach. He is running one of the worst NBA offensive systems I have ever seen. Luckily for him, he has Derrick Rose to cover up his mistakes. But any sane basketball fan would have seen this offense floundering in the playoffs.

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Playoff Fix: Less shots or better shots for Rose

I think you mean fewer shots, not less.

- Your editor

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