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NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies, Thunder go the distance

Posted on: May 10, 2011 3:00 am
Memphis, OKC have a classic on the Mississippi. 
Posted by Matt Moore

These playoffs could be better. We just don't know how. 

Memphis and Oklahoma City went to triple-overtime Monday night/Tuesday morning in the Thunder's desperation victory to tie the series. Here's where it lands in history:

Neither team had any quit in them, and the only reason it didn't go to a fourth overtime was foul trouble, when Mike Conley and O.J. Mayo fouled out in the second overtime, leaving Memphis physically exhausted. Russell Westbrook managed to play through two overtimes with five fouls. Otherwise, we'd still be waiting for the two teamt to finish. It was one of the wildest games in a wild playoffs that have been anything but predictable. As Shane Battier said postgame:
"If Elvis had risen from halfcourt and hit the game-winner, I wouldn't have been surprised."

OKC won because of superior play, athletes, and a few more drawn fouls thanks to terrible perimeter defense from the Grizzlies. But the eighth seed in the playoffs forced what many consider a title favorite to triple overtime without their highest paid player, down their best two guards, after blowing a huge first half lead and coming back from a sizeable second-half deficit. 

Not bad for an 8th seed.

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Posted on: May 10, 2011 12:17 pm

NBA Playoffs: Grizzlies, Thunder go the distance

Great game.  Losing Conley hurt the Griz. OKC is a bit more athletic, but I think Memphis way well win this series.  The key is Westbrook and the OKC offense under Westbrook. He isnt a point guard and he makes a LOT of dumb plays and shoots a lot of dumb shots and he turns the ball over too much. Durant is great, but even he has a tendency to stand around at times. The Griz need one more knock down jump shooter (Rudy Gay?).  Mayo isnt really the answer, though he has played well. There is a reason they tried to trade Mayo. But Z-Bo and Gasol own the paint right now and the Griz must exploit that better. Perkins has been oddly without impact....or not much. OKC has tied this series due to Durant's pure talent on the offensive end and some bad luck for Memphis with fouls.  IF (big if) Mayo gets hot, or Vasquez off the bench, or Sam Young......then Griz win it every time.

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