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Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

Posted on: May 5, 2011 3:58 pm
Edited on: May 5, 2011 4:07 pm
Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest has been suspended for Game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks. Posted by Ben Golliver.

On Wednesday night, we noted that Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest was ejected after he clotheslined Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea in the closing seconds of Game 2. His punishment won't stop there.

On Thursday, the NBA announced that Artest would be suspended for Game 3 in Dallas, set for Friday night. The NBA ruled that the play was a Flagrant Foul 2.
Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers has been suspended one game without pay for swinging his arm and striking the face of the Dallas Mavericks’ J.J. Barea, it was announced today by Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations. Artest’s contact has also been classified by the NBA as a Flagrant Foul Two. 
The incident occurred with 24.4 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of the Mavericks’ 93-81 victory over the Lakers at Staples Center on May 4. Artest will serve his suspension tomorrow when the Lakers visit the Mavericks at American Airlines Center for Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals. 
Artest, L.A.'s starting small forward, is averaging 10.5 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.3 assists in eight playoff games.

In Artest's absence, look for Lakers' sixth man Lamar Odom to see his minutes increase, but reports that reserve small forward Matt Barnes is expected to start in place of Artest because Lakers coach Phil Jackson "does not like going away from his usual big man rotations."

L.A. trails Dallas in the series, 2-0.

Here's the video of his foul on Barea again. 


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Posted on: May 6, 2011 2:38 pm

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

Artest is a hothead with no emotional barrier. why we pay guys like that millions to play, i don't know......
Really?  This was his first flagrant foul I think all year and he's had very few technicals this year as well.  Since the fight in Detroit (how many years ago?) Artest has been, by NBA standards, a model citizen -- hell he got an award for it this year.  Relax a little, it was a dumb foul, stupid and out of frustration most likely but it was not even a hard foul.  Don't blow it out of proportion.  Flagrant -- yes.  Flagrant 1 vs Flagrant 2 is debateable, could have gone either way but it is what it is, an isolated incident.

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 2:34 pm

So, is anyone REALLY shocked?

Dear Mr. Artest: Do you figure the outcome will be changed with your attack(s) on opposing players? Can you justify such a deliberate confrontation no matter the time left on the clock?
   What a "boob"! Not only might he jeopardize the third game, but his action comes with only 24 seconds in the game and absolutely NO hope for turning this second loss around.  Mr. Artest has a very short fuse as has been exemplified from past "reactions', the most notable the rushing of fans in the stands.
   Sure, we just hear of his award for community service . . but that involves very little stress or 'gametime threat'.  Will Mr. Attest ever learn and become the 'model' both on and off the court . . remains to be seen, but also remains very doubtful!

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 2:33 pm

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

Ron Artest is

A) Dumb
B) Idiot
C) Clown
D) Asshole
"Citizen of the Year" or something like that according to the award he just won from the NBA.  The foul was definately a flagrant foul -- I thought flagrant 1 myself, but maybe I am biased, but in any event it was just not that vicious or hard a foul simply reaching out towards a player going by him---he didn't knock someone out of the air or anything, hell he didn't even knock him down--juit judging Artest by what he did years ago, as others  have pointe out the foul in question was just a "good playoff foul" not many years ago.

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 1:48 pm

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

Are we talking Soccer here? Last I checked I thought it was purple and gold. Is that the education they get out there in LA?

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 11:38 am

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

The NBA needs to start giving technicals and suspensions for FLOPS!!  What Artest did was wrong.  But it wasn't like he raped or killed someone.  Some of your reactions seem more suitable for that kind of crime.

I'm not even that old but I remember watching NBA playoffs in the late 70's and early 80's and back then it was a REAL MAN'S GAME!!  You knew that the players really wanted to win and REALLY BEAT THEIR OPPONENTS.  The proof was the obvious aggression, physical force and blood during the playoffs.

Does anyone remember the terms "playoff foul" or "if you're gonna foul someone make it count!" 

What Ron Artest did was dumb but name one NBA great that never made a mistake.  People like to trash him because he doesn't fit into your nice pretty white box that you call "a decent human being".  I'm not hating on Ron Artest.  I didn't when he was with the Pacers, Bulls, Kings, or Rockets.  I didn't hate on Dennis Rodman either.  Dennis was/is a weird character but he was one of the best NBA players of all-time.  His hustle, effort, and heart for defense and rebounds were undeniably remarkable. 

Judge Ron Artest as a player.  He is effective as a defender and rebounder and sometimes he gives unexpected offense.  But you have to admit that he plays with more heart than a lot of players in the league.  His intensity leads him to lose control at times because he is passionate about his performance and winning.

I THINK THAT IS WHAT REAL BASKETBALL FANS WANT TO SEE; PASSION AND INTENSITY.  NOT FLOPPING AND ACTING.  Otherwise America's #1 sport would be soccer.  And it is obviously not.

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 9:11 am

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

CLARKCALLY--"Purple and Goal"?

Hate Boston&LA
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Posted on: May 6, 2011 9:06 am
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Posted on: May 6, 2011 8:46 am

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

I'm a lifelong Laker fan and I will boo them at every given moment I think it is warranted.  For an example, not playing with energy and not playing with emotion.  Some of those guys had to have more energy on the 405 or the 10 to just get to Staples than what they gave in the game.  So why are the fans booing?  Can you blame them?  I've seen the purple and goal play out of their minds in the playoffs.  I've been to Arco in game 7 during the WCF and watch the purple and goal snatch a victory from the Kings in front of 18,000 fans were the noise was so loud your ears would bleed.  I've watched the purple and goal go up by 10 on teams in the 1st quarter, then up by 20, then up by 25 in the fourth and still kept the starting rotations in so they could send a message. That's the Laker team I want to see in the playoffs.  I don't want to see Odom missing numerous chippy layoffs, lazy passes, not getting back on defense, having shots blocked by opposing players that are a foot shorter than us, and lazy defensive efforts.  I have 5 lawn chairs that play better defense than the Lakers at times.  I want to see playoff fouls, not illegal hits, but intensive effort. 

So, I don't think it makes die hard fans any less passionate of the Lakers when we boo, especially when we have so much success to compare them too.  I know the Lakers will not win every game, but at least bring an intensity and effort every game.  That's not to much to ask. 

And by the way, I'v also been to Staples and it's embarrassing to see fans in premium seats on ipads for the entire game and not even watching the game.  Those clowns need to get up, get out, and give up their seats to some of the rabid fans who sit up in the dark. 

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 2:02 am

Ron Artest suspended for Game 3 against Dallas

Shouldn't Artest be used to losing a game here and there?  He did spend a number of years in exile in Sacramento after all.

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Posted on: May 6, 2011 1:00 am
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