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Carmelo does his best LeBron impression in defeat

Posted on: April 19, 2011 10:12 pm
Edited on: April 20, 2011 3:01 am
Carmlo Anthony does his best LeBron James impression during a loss to the Boston Celtics. Posted by Ben Golliver.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: A do-everything forward carries a cast of castoffs against a more talented opponent, knocking down shots from everywhere, pounding the glass when necessary and reading the defense brilliantly once the defense over-commits to stopping him. For years, that was the LeBron James biography in Cleveland, a series of spectacular and single-handed postseason performances that wound up just short due to the incompetency of his teammates.

With Amar'e Stoudemire nursing a sore back and Chauncey Billups out with a knee injury, the newest Knick, forward Carmelo Anthony, suddenly found himself in James' shoes. Facing the Boston Celtics in a must-win Game 2, Anthony found himself putting the likes of Roger Mason, Shawne Williams, Bill Walker and Anthony Carter on his back, turning in an eye-popping line of 42 points, 17 rebounds and six assists. Those are numbers, according to Basketball-Reference, that haven't been put up in a playoff game in more than 25 years.  (James is the only other player to go 40/10/5 in the last two years in the playoffs.)

Anthony scored in every way that you can score: knocking down threes, knocking down threes with a hand in his face, knocking down threes after being bumped, finishing at the rim, finishing at the rim in traffic, hitting the elbow jumper, hitting the elbow jumper with a hand in his face and, most importantly, he got to the free throw line (where he shot 10-11), something he had failed to do with any regularity in Game 1. Immediately, his shooting performance drew comparisons to Knicks legend Bernard King, and for once the reference wasn't a gross overstatement. 

The rebounds piled up because someone had to step up in Stoudemire's absence and Anthony wasn't going to wait around to see if any of his teammates were up to the challenge. In the end, the Knicks rebounded exceptionally well, killing Boston on the glass, 53-37, and grabbing 20 offensive rebounds. 

It was Anthony's passing, though, that will be the overlooked part of his masterpiece. Much like James has for years, Anthony threw some great, well-timed looks to cutting teammates once Boston started sending hard double teams his way. With just under six minutes, Anthony notched his last assist to Jared Jeffries, for a lay-up that put the Knicks up 86-84 and made the upset possibility feel very real.

Unfortunately, just like James, Anthony trusted his teammates just a little too much in the critical game-deciding sequence. Trailing 94-93 with 13 seconds to play, Anthony tried to force another pass to Jeffries after Celtics forwards Paul Pierce and Glen Davis double-teamed him. Unfortunately, Jared Jeffries is Jared Jeffries, and he bumped the ball underneath the hoop as Celtics forward Kevin Garnett converged. The pair hit the deck, Garnett emerged with the ball and Boston called timeout. The Knicks never even got off a potential game-winning attempt.

Here's a look at the sequence.

The Knicks now fall behind the Celtics 2-0 in the series after dropping Game 2, 96-93. Stoudemire's status is uncertain, Billups is heading for an MRI and Anthony's royal effort was wasted. Despite the fact that the first two games both game down to the final seconds, it's difficult to imagine the Celtics failing to advance. James knows that feeling well.

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Posted on: April 20, 2011 10:44 am

Carmelo does his best LeBron impression in defeat

hhahahahahaha.  this article made me laugh incredibly hard.  Lebron had castoffs? do you really think one player gets a team to 66-16 and then 60-22 the next year?  I lebron had the team that melo had last night no amare or chauncy, the cavs wouldn't have gotten to .500.  And dont give me the bull about the cavs this season and how they only went 19-63, because this team had something like two players on it from the year before.  Shaq, Z, D west, "lebron" all gone before the season.  Mo was hurt for most of the season then traded.  Varejao and Jamison both hurt for the majority of the season.  That basically the entire team from the year before.  

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 11:58 pm

Carmelo/LeBron Impression ...Bump and Whispers

Dude. with all due respect, get a grip...First of all, if you would actually the article, he NEVER says Jeffries gets bumped... He said he bumped the ball as Garnett converged...Never Garnett laid a hand on him...Unlike the trip Garnett got away with the other night on Ray's GW "3" in Game #1...But that's off topic...Secondly, do you have any clue how many Game-Winning Shots Melo has hit in his time??... He's not afraid of anything or hearing any "whipsers"...That is laughable... Outside of Kobe and maybe D-Wade, most smart NBA Fans would prefer the Ball be in Carmelo's hands with the game on the line...Whispers...Puh-lease...He'll be taking GW Shots for years to come and most of NY will be damn happy about it.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 11:10 pm

Carmelo does his best LeBron impression in defeat

Get off Lebron's jock Ben Golliver! If you love him much more you're going to have to get your stomach pumped.

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Posted on: April 19, 2011 10:57 pm

Jeffries didn't get bumped.

Jeffries didn't get bumped, he tried to make a ridiculous pass into the lane when he should have just gone straight up with the ball. Anthony was obviously hearing the whispers from Sunday night when he was criticized for taking a n ill-advised 28-foot three pointer while double-teamed in the final seconds.

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