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NBA Playoffs Hornets-Lakers: The return of CP3

Posted on: April 17, 2011 7:42 pm
Chris Paul returns to prominence in an incredible performance against the Lakers in Game 1. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Derrick Rose. Rajon Rondo. Russell Westbrook. Great point guards all. But after a season where he looked indecisive at times, inconsistent and passive, Chris Paul stepped onto the biggest stage and showed everyone why he's considered the best "pure" point guard in the game. 

(Before we get started, Derrick Rose is the presumptive MVP of the league. Bulls fans, let's not start a fight about who's better. They're both great. Let's leave it at that.)

After the Hornets' win over the Lakers, here were some of the trending topics on Twitter: "#cp3" was No.1, and "#chrispaul" was No.3. The world took notice. It was easy to see why. Paul blistered the Lakers the entire game, drowning Derek Fisher in ISO and pick and roll situations. Late in the game, to show the amount of confusion on the Lakers' side, Pau Gasol was put on an island against one of the quickest players in the NBA. Paul calmly crossed him over and nailed a dagger fadeaway jumper. 

The praise was unanimous for CP3, and it really put him back on the map. For most of the season, Paul played extremely well at times, and extremely passive at times. He would let others take the lead. But without David West, Paul became the intiator, and took the team on his back. That's the Hornets' best option of attack in a series where they are woefully overmatched in size and ability. But as long as the Lakers continue to attempt to guard Paul with Fisher and be lazy on their help, Paul will have opportunities. 

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Posted on: April 18, 2011 7:17 pm

NBA Playoffs Hornets-Lakers: The return of CP3

Like the Spurs, the Lakers are looking like a physically and mentally worn down team against a younger, hungrier Hornets. While I don't think the Lakers are championship caliber this season they do have some positives to look at for the series moving forward; as good as Chris Paul is, will he continue to put up balanced numbers like Lebron James and as good as Pau Gasol is, will he continue to play that poorly?

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