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Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

Posted on: April 15, 2011 3:02 pm
Posted by Royce Young

I. Intro:  No. 5 seed Denver Nuggets (50-32) vs. No. 4 seed Oklahoma City Thunder (55-27)

It's already being looked at as the "fun series" to watch. The young, athletic Thunder versus the young, athletic Nuggets. Some seem to be torn on the outcome which says one thing -- it should be a fun series.

Both teams underwent pretty serious transformations near the trade deadline. One was shipping out its star and replacing him with a gaggle of above average players. The other was shipping off one of its young pieces and replacing him with a championship tested big man.

At the time, it looked like the two franchises were headed in opposite directions. It looked like the Thunder were setting up to contend in the now, while the Nuggets were attempting to restructure for the future.

Except Denver kept winner and actually probably became a better team. In the end, we settled in on a unexpected series pitting division rivals against one another. Already the two teams are talking a little smack and already they've tussled. I get the feeling they don't like each other one bit. Did I say it should be fun?

II. What Happened: A look at the season series

Throw out the first two meetings because they don't count at all (Denver and OKC split 1-1 anyway). The teams that faced off in those first two games aren't the ones you see now. A lot changed.

And more than really any other series, we got the best taste of what to expect over the last couple weeks with this one. Not only did the Thunder and Nuggets play each other -- home and home, too -- but the games were important at the time. The Northwest Division title was still on the line.

OKC took the game in Denver 101-94, handing the Nuggets their first loss at home since the Melo trade and snapping a seven-game win streak. Then back in Oklahoma City a week later, the Thunder dropped the Nuggets 104-89 with a relentless defensive effort.

III. The Easy Stuff: Denver has no one to guard Kevin Durant

In the two recent games, Durant averaged 30.0 points per game on 45 percent shooting and really didn't get much of a challenge from Denver defenders. Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari shared the assignment, but the Nuggets tried switching on every screen Durant ran off of.

What result was a bunch of mismatches with Durant catching Nene or Kenyon Martin one-on-one. That wouldn't be a problem, except Durant is taller than both and can shoot over anyone on top of driving past them.

OKC is 22-1 this season when Durant shoots better than 50 percent from the floor. Read that last sentence again. Really, without Ron Artest last year holding Durant down against the Lakers, that series might've been very different. The Nuggets have to find a way to check Durant, otherwise they'll have a hard time checking the Thunder.

IV. Secret of the Series: The three P's: Pace, Perk and perimeter defense

The Nuggets play at the second fastest pace in the league (95.6). They want to run. They want to get Ty Lawson, Chandler, Martin and everyone else out in the open floor.

Oklahoma City isn't opposed to running by any means, but the Thunder definitely want to keep the Nuggets off the highway. In the last game in OKC, the game was played at a pace of just 90.0, something that definitely favored the Thunder. In the halfcourt, the Nuggets struggled scoring against OKC's man-to-man defense.

To go with that, inside Kendrick Perkins gives OKC the ability to leave single coverage on Nene. That means the Thunder's perimeter defenders can hang on Denver's list of good shooters. The Nuggets want you collapsing and rotating everywhere so they can find a marksman open on the outside. OKC didn't afford Denver that, holding the Nuggets to just 10-30 from 3 in the last two games.

V. The Dinosaur Narrative : "He who scores most will win"

Why is everyone acting like this will be a high scoring, up and down series? The two games these teams played in the last couple weeks were won by the Thunder by an average score of 102.5 to 91.5. Oklahoma City plays some serious defense now. Since Perkins joined the starting lineup, the Thunder are only second to Chicago in defensive efficiency.

Obviously the Nuggets like to run and the Thunder aren't shy about it, but if these games are 120-117 like everyone is acting, Scott Brooks might throw up. Kendrick Perkins most definitely will. (You know, from the running.)

This series will be more about stops and rebounding than anything else. Denver struggled in the halfcourt against the Thunder the last two games and OKC excelled, especially late. It's not about outscoring or outgunning each other. It's about out-stopping each other.

VI. The Line-Item Veto: Who wins each match-up?

PG: This will be fun. Speed on speed. I'm not sure anyone is faster than Russell Westbrook end-to-end with the ball in his hands. Except Ty Lawson (and maybe Derrick Rose). Westbrook is bigger and stronger though, which gives him the edge. But Lawson is the most important part to the Denver offense. He scored a then career-high 28 points against OKC in Denver two weeks ago.

SG: Assuming Arron Afflalo is healthy, this is a big edge for the Nuggets. Thabo Sefolosha doesn't add much on the offensive side and his defensive skills aren't needed that much on Afflalo. But OKC does use James Harden off the bench much in the same way Dallas uses Jason Terry. Then again, Denver has J.R. Smith who is maybe this series' overall X-Factor...

SF: I already went over it, but Denver just doesn't have a good defender for Durant. Both Gallinari and Chandler will have their chances, as well as Afflalo, but we're talking about maybe the most gifted offensive player in the game.

PF: Really this is a push because both Kenyon Martin and Serge Ibaka, while good players, aren't going to do a ton more than block, rebound and score occasionally on put-backs.

C: Other than the point guard matchup, all eyes will be here. Perkins and Nene already tussled once and there's no doubt that they'll likely go at each other again. Perkins did a really good job on Nene in the first meeting holding him to just 3-10 shooting, but Nene came back with a solid 6-9 effort in the last meeting.

Bench: Both teams have very strong benches. As mentioned, Harden is more of a bench starter for OKC. Eric Maynor is a terrific backup point guard. Daequan Cook a nice specialist. Nick Collison and Nazr Mohammed good veteran big men. Denver has excellent weapons too with Raymond Felton, Chander, Smith and Chris Andersen. The benches will be big and both are very good.

Coaches: George Karl and Scott Brooks know each other well. Brooks was an assistant under Karl for three years. Karl is the more experienced one and has been both the favorite and the underdog before. This is Brooks first rodeo as a playoff favorite. But this series is more about the players than the coaches, so I don't really think this matchup matters a whole lot.

VII. Conclusion

This will be a terrific series, no matter the number of games it takes. Some are feeling the Nuggets in an upset as that's what a lot of the numbers suggest. But I don't see it. I think everyone agrees that the Nuggets may have actually become a better team trading Melo, but against the Thunder, it hurt them. Kevin Durant gets an easier job, the Nuggets don't have a good halfcourt option late in games and OKC actually matches up really well with Denver now.

The Nuggets are dangerous, especially when a couple guys get hot. But that's what it'll take. They'll have to have big games from J.R. Smith (good luck relying on him), Gallinari, Lawson and Chandler to move on past OKC. The Thunder know what they're getting from Durant and Westbrook. They know they can play defense. I like this Nuggets team a lot. Just not against Oklahoma City. Prediction: Thunder in five.


Since: Nov 13, 2010
Posted on: April 16, 2011 2:14 am

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

I really hope Nene "mans up" and get's physical with Perkins like he can and should.  If the Nuggets are truly healthy, I think they are too deep for a 7 game series when it comes to game planning.  You can throw out every game this year against the Thunder.  First two with Carmelo Anthony, last two George Karl was doing some weird things with the lineup trying to experiment.  Also, they were not at full strength...  The Thunder will be tuff, but I think my Nuggets will pull this one out!
GO Nuggets!!!

Since: Apr 15, 2011
Posted on: April 15, 2011 11:41 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

Just like the song Wave on Wave, Denver will run and run more team most playoff teams usually do, with the 2 pt. guards we have and astable of fast, athletic players, who run 10 deep.  To make it more evident, they have found 2@ 7' footers who have game that we had not seen.Denver in 6

Since: Jan 17, 2010
Posted on: April 15, 2011 10:13 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

Westbrook is much much much better than Lawson. Lawson has his moments, just not consistent at all, and tiny.

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Posted on: April 15, 2011 8:29 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

I've already covered many of the points I'm about to make in some other threads, but I think the Nuggets are deeper at the PG position, but Westbrook is better than Lawson, although not by much. Maynor will be sort of the X factor when he comes in the game, and I give Mr. Ray Felton the edge between those two. I do not think this will be decided in 5 games, but I do think the Thunder will win. The tandem of Perk and Mohammed helps the Thunder's case, and like the article says, no one is really going to be able to guard KD, although I do think broncos6482 mentioned in another thread K-Mart could really do the best out of the Nuggett defenders. Both these teams can run, but I view the Thunder as the better defensive team. Thabo and Perk are awesome defenders, and Westbrook steals more than the Ex-Presidents did out in LA in the movie Point Break. I also feel the Nuggets have flown under the radar screen and were left for dead when the departure of the "oh so vital" Carmelo Anthony. Obvious his exit has helped the Nuggets tremendously, but perhaps some teams didn't take them as seriously as they should have post Carmeloectomy. Nuggets get to Round 2 against anybody in the West except the Lakers or Thunder. I think they'd beat the Spurs since they're faster than they are.

Since: Jan 17, 2010
Posted on: April 15, 2011 6:56 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

"I'm not sure anyone is faster than end-to-end with the ball in his hands."

I find it hard to believe you have never seen Lebron James or John Wall play? ...or Rondo. Eric Bledsoe ran circles around Ty Lawson in a game earlier this year. Derrick Rose is more shifty then straight up fast. Lots of other really fast players I probably haven't watched much.

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Posted on: April 15, 2011 5:57 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

You should probably throw out the 4th game of the regular season series as well. OKC had already locked up the division earlier in the week so the Nuggets were not going to show anything. We should see a good series with games similiar to the 3rd of the season.

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Posted on: April 15, 2011 5:56 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

Gonna be a great series.. All I can hope for is that Denver gets/stays healthy as they're going into the playoffs with 4 out of 5 starters injured or "day-to-day". Injuries have always been what haunts us.

Since: Feb 27, 2008
Posted on: April 15, 2011 5:56 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

Durant is listed at 6'9" but it's widely known around the league that he's a tad over 6'10" and his reach is a ridiculous 7'5" 
So technically, no, he's not TALLER than both... but he plays taller than both of them, can jump higher than both of them, and his release is incredibly high.

Since: Aug 18, 2006
Posted on: April 15, 2011 5:36 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

Although I am biased because I am a Nuggets fan, I have a hard time believing that the Thunder will take this series in 5 games. This has all the makings of a 7 game series. I do think the Nuggets can pull this one off, but I also think the Thunder could represent the West in the Finals, so will just have to see what happens. Sunday can't come fast enough...


Since: Dec 11, 2006
Posted on: April 15, 2011 5:10 pm

Thunder-Nuggets Preview: There will be blood

This is a great pairing.  Two of my favorite teams going head-to-head.  Nene vs Perkins should be an absolute war.  I really like the "new" Nuggets and the addition of Perkins to the Thunder is huge.  Trying to beat the Perkins, Durant, Westbrook core will be tough, but I think the Nuggets are playing so well as a team, they will pevail.  But it will take all 7 games for the Nuggets to pull it off.

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