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NBA not canceling Summer League? Updating...

Posted on: April 13, 2011 10:24 am
Edited on: April 13, 2011 2:01 pm
NBA cancels Summer League, summer internships, and planning for European preseason games in advance of expected lockout. Yikes. 
Posted by Matt Moore

Update 1:26 p.m.: Ken Berger of reports: 

While it's obvious that there would be no summer league involving NBA players or drafted rookies in the event of a lockout, two people with knowledge of the situation said the event has not yet been canceled. There have been informal discussions for months between summer league organizers and league officials about what to do with the scouting event if there is a work stoppage, and the ideas have included bringing international teams to the event, one of the people said. In addition, the D-League -- which will continue to operate during an NBA work stoppage because its players are not NBPA members -- is exploring the possibility of holding a Las Vegas event that would replace summer league. D-League officials, sources said, are exploring this hypothetical event without the assistance of Vegas summer league organizers.

But as of now, summer league is scheduled to begin July 8. Given the current labor climate, that would seem to be wishful thinking. 

Original Report:  Up until now, the NBA has kept its heart and mind publicly open to the idea that the labor dispute would be settled before June 30th when the current CBA expires, or soon afterwards, to avoid any disruption of NBA plans. A report from the New York Daily News  suggests the league is moving forward with facing reality. They are cancelling NBA Summer League for 2011, their summer internship plans, and are not planning for any European preseason games. Gulp. 

Summer League is an NBA tradition, used as an early showcase for draft picks, young players developing, and D-Leaguers and fringe players looking to break in. It was thought that Summer League would go on as planned, even in the event of a lockout, just without the draft picks or any player who is a member of the NBPA. It's not known at this point if the event was cancelled due to a perceived lack of interest that would make the event too costly, or whether this is belt-tightening by the league in advance of lost revenue. There will be jokes aplenty about how this doesn't really matter, but consider three things. 

One, if you don't think any talent comes out of this event, take a look at Gary Neal who made a strong case for a few Rookie of the Year votes in any year where Blake Griffin did not exist murdering unicorns.  That's a heavy rotation player who the Spurs invited to Summer League from Europe, watched him excel, signed him and then made him a consistent player who became a favorite of Gregg Popovich. And without Summer League, the Knicks may not have seen the promise of Landry Fields and what he brings to the floor. Want another one? How about starting two-guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, Wesley Matthews (via Twitter ). Summer League has a lot of washout talent, but the diamonds in the rough are found by some of the best GMs and coaches in the league. 

Two, this is the first real breeding ground post-free-agency for trades. The vast majority of general managers and executives make it out to Vegas for a few days of sun and bad basketball, and that's where conversations start that lead to trades. Without it, all of that is set back. The lockout's got to end sometime, this just sets everything back a few months more. 

Three, there's been discussion of replacement players, conceivably using players from the D-League, and the D-League season is slated to go on regardless of the lockout next season. This was a showcase for teams to see those players. Without it, we'll be seeing more of the Collins-brothers-type signings in the future. 

Outside the box of the event itself, however, the cancelation of Summer League, the internships, and the preseason games in Europe makes for a pretty bleak future. We're not talking just July here. The NBA is makig contingency plans for October, here. This is one-step shy of going ahead and planning for games not to be played. There's no surprise, but it does provide a sobering reality of just how long and painful this lockout will be. As the NBA heads into what many feel will be one of the best NBA postseasons ever, the dark clouds of the impending lockout continue to rain on our parade.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 7:57 pm

NBA not canceling Summer League? Updating...

@bigmutt , I notice most of your latest comments are legal issues in all sports...Why would you single out the NBA? What makes the NFL any better? I see stories from the NFL more often than any other sport...drug charges, assaults..etc....pull your head out of the sand, or out of your ass...where ever it's lodged.

When the NHL locked out, previous to that i was diehard hockey....24-7-365, they lost me as that fan...a paying fan, who bought merchandise, sports packages on tv etc.....if the NBA does the same, I'll have no choice but to turn my attentions elsewhere..and they more than likely won't get me back.Put your millionaire & billionaire egos in check & get a damn deal done.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 6:48 pm

NBA not canceling Summer League? Updating...

Well, hopefully they will cancel it...but it draws such a nice crowd to the Vegas casinos...bunch of thugs and and trashy broads lookin for a free ride.  The NBA is garbage...cancel it all big loss

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 2:23 pm

NBA not canceling Summer League? Updating...

Zod is exactly right. The owners have no one but themselves to blame. They spent too much. That's the bottom line. Now they want a do-over on contracts they agreed to and the players are the greedy ones? Typical meathead response. Haters always blame the players. Never mind that the owners want to slash players salaries by 25% and plug in a hard cap to prevent them from spending like idiots again. Never mind that one league exec said owners need a hard cap to save them from themselves. Never mind that players are not asking for more money (which is what might constitute "greed" to logical people). Never mind that the players are just fighting drastic cuts in contracts that both sides agreed to. It always comes back to meathead nation hating on athletes because they get paid well. That's a bad look. Acquaint yourselves with a few facts and form an opinion not based on jealousy.

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Report: NBA cancels Summer League

So, NBA players are crybabies and what are the players from other sports? NFL, NHL, MLB?

Lockout is a reality because there are two sides who can't agree a new Collective Bargaining Deal for new season to start. Whose fault is these? Players? No. Owners? Yes.

Owners are now thinking they overpaid their players and who forced them to do so? There are so many examples of bad contracts each year, and for those bad contracts are only the owners responsible. They signed the checks. It is their responsibility. And now, after they've seen what the their bad business choices did to their franchises they want to take them back. Well, in real world things don't work that way. Now they want their money back and the players won't give, and that is how you protect your rights.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 1:07 pm

Report: NBA cancels Summer League

Is there revenue sharing that goes on in basketball? I understand that some teams do little to warrant their existence (i.e. the Minnesota T-Wolves that drafted 3 point guards in the first 20 picks, and are likely going to take Kyrie Irving this upcoming draft if available). As much as I would like to see the Miami Heat add more talent. would a hard cap help change anything?

NBA players should get paid a lot. Each team can only hold 15 players, and the success of each team is determined by the primary 5 starters typically. If only there was a way to attract big names to small markets.

Could they expand the D-league somehow? I'm really shocked at the tack of talent that comes from the D-League though. All Star Othyus Jeffers can barely sniff the floor on a last place NBA team.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 12:43 pm

Report: NBA cancels Summer League

NCAA hoops is pure?? Wow. What rock do you live under? NCAA hoops is a cesspool. Do you really think politics and favoritism play no part in the college game? And do you really believe that capitalism is absent from NCAA hoops? Really? Do you really believe that? You don't, right? Tell me you don't. Because if you do, you're a complete moron. And FYI, we live in a country that practices capitalism. Sort of. If you don't like, go to Cuba.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 12:30 pm

Let the Cards Fall

I'll be watching college hoops. I'm so tired of the NBA game. NCAA hoops is pure - NBA is a bunch of crybabies, bad refs, favortism, and capitalism. All this money in the NBA has changed it for the worse. I stopped watching it long ago.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 12:30 pm

Report: NBA cancels Summer League

I think this is great.  Let these over paid prima donnas go for a year without a salary.  The game is terrible.  The season drags on forever.  No one really cares any more about the NBA and their over paid, crybaby players.  If anyone thinks that any of these teams are able to produce "one of the best NBA postseasons ever", obviously they did not watch NBA hoops in their haydays, back in the 80's and early 90's.  The game that they play today is garbage.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:12 am

Report: NBA cancels Summer League

Hahahaha - murdering unicorns.  Great line

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