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Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

Posted on: February 24, 2011 11:02 pm
Edited on: February 24, 2011 11:06 pm
The Portland Trail Blazers made a last-minute play for Charlotte Bobcats All-Star forward Gerald Wallace. Posted by Ben Golliver.


PORTLAND -- The 2011 NBA trade deadline was as wild as it gets, with seven late trades clogging up the league office, and an eighth - a potential deal that would have sent O.J. Mayo to the Indiana Pacers - that wasn't executed in time. As crazy as it was for fans and media to process shortly after the noon PST deadline, things were even more hectic for the executives in the minutes just before.

According to Portland Trail Blazers GM Rich Cho, his organization did not agree to trade for Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace until just seven minutes before the deadline. "The trade did not get consummated in principle until 11:53 AM this morning," Cho said at a press conference Thursday afternoon in the Rose Garden. "All the variables in the trade, the terms and conditions, we didn't come to an agreement until the very end."

Wallace, an All-Star and NBA All-Defense player in 2010, was finally swapped for Blazers center Joel Przybilla, center Sean Marks, backup forward Dante Cunningham and two future first round picks. Cho said the last-minute exchange wasn't entirely expected. "This morning we thought would stand pat. We were sitting in my office, me and my staff, and thinking 'Well, it doesn't look like anything is going to happen.' All of a sudden we had about five deals we could have done."

The late scramble happened despite the fact the Blazers first broached a Wallace trade as far back as "a few months ago" and the fact that acquiring Wallace "was at the top of the list" of Cho's trade deadline priorities. "He exemplifies everything we are looking for in a player," Cho said. "He plays both ends of the floor, his work ethic is tremendous ... He has a lot of toughness, his nickname is 'Crash' for a reason. He just plays really hard."

As we all know, motivation to deal increases exponentially as the clock ticks. Cho compared his team's trade to the one made by the New Jersey Nets that nabbed Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams, noting that the type of assets present in both deals made the late execution possible. "One thing I really believe in is accumulating assets, acquiring picks and young players. It's for this very reason: to acquire better players to improve the team. If you look at some of the deals that were made recently, like the Deron Williams trade that Utah made. One of the big reasons they were able to make that trade is because they had those two picks and that was really attractive to Utah. I really believe in accumulating assets and turning those assets into players to improve the team."

As the deadline neared, the thought of long-term salary cap relief and the hope that two draft picks represent was apparently too much for the Bobcats to pass up. A few more minutes of indecision, however, and Wallace would still be in Charlotte.

The Blazers brass was clearly happy the trade clock didn't run all the way out. "We're thrilled to death to have him," Cho said, cracking a slight smile.

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 5:32 pm

Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

Gerald Wallace was not a superstar. The team is not good enough to do anything except compete for a low playoff seed and be a mediocre team.

They need young talent that can develop if they want any hope of becoming a top team.

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 4:58 pm

Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

I dont understand what the heck the logic is with this trade. You trade your best player off a team a year removed from the playoffs? Cmon man! Bobcats seemed to be headed in the right direction until NEW ownership stepped in and just sent this team all the way back to its expansion days. Way to go.............

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 12:39 pm

Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

Great move Portland. One if not the most athletic players in the NBA.

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 12:06 pm

Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

I have great sympathy for Bobcats fans, since I am all too familiar with rooting for a team whose ownership seems completely disinterested in fielding a competetive team: I've been a Detroit Lions fan for 1/2 century.  Charlotte fans look back on a decade of evidence that ownership cares little for W's in the standings -- as long as the W's at the box office are consistent. Imagine the state of Lions fans who heve suffered that way since 1960.

As a Blazers fan I'm thrilled to welcome Gerald to Portland, I'm just very nervous about the remainder of this season now that the only center on our roster is an injured, aging Marcus Camby.  I love Marcus, but there is no way he can play 40min every night.

Even if Greg Oden comes back next year & manages to stay healthy all season, which at this point, anyone with eyes can see is highly unlikely, there is no way Portland can beat the elite teams without bigs to clog up the middle. That means that the Blazers will be active in the off season, & as of yet I don't have enough evidence to be confident in Rich Cho's knack for managing the pieces needed to build a team that can contend for titles.

Doesn't mean Cho won't do so, and the Wallace deal offers some hope, but for now I have a wait and see attitude.

Does make for an interesting game tonight: The Melo-less Nuggets visit Portland, who just traded away all three players (yes, that includes Cunningham) who played minutes at the center position while Camby has been hurt.

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 4:49 am

Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

Same here, though as a Bobcats fan I don't understand tanking the season for potential that may not/probably won't come to fruition. In Gerald Wallace we had a star to build around and now he is gone. I wish the Bobcats had stayed where they were.

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Posted on: February 25, 2011 2:55 am

Gerald Wallace trade came down to the wire

Wallace is a good player, and any team should be glad to have him. But in my estimation, the Blazers gave up too much for a player they didn't need, and created a massive hole at the center position- one of the most difficult positions to fill. With Marcus Camby out, they don't even have a center, and LeMarcus Aldridge is already playing way too many minutes. I doubt anyone is banking on Greg Oden to be Portland's future center (though I'd love for things to work out for him). But he hasn't exactly been an "ironman" since he's been in the NBA.
As I see it, Portland gave up on this year, and considering how well they've played despite the adversity they've been through, that's a damn shame. They are so high on Nic Batum and rightly so. I think he has a great future. But then they go out and get a guy who plays the same position and will inevitably take away some of Nic's minutes. It makes no sense to me. I love Wallace, but I think this is just a bad trade.

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