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Isiah Thomas doesn't deny involvement with Knicks

Posted on: February 16, 2011 3:42 pm

Posted by Royce Young

As Ken Berger reported Wednesday, there more be more complication the Knicks acquiring Carmelo Anthony than just coming to terms with the Nuggets. New York might have to come to terms with its own front office first.

Berger noted that there's some potential dissention between president Donnie Walsh and owner James Dolan to the point where Dolan may try and go over Walsh's head to get Anthony now while Walsh may prefer to hold out for free agency. And one of the people Berger noted that might just be involved is Dolan's buddy Isiah Thomas.

Berger writes, "Thomas still has Dolan's ear, is as power-hungry as ever and would love nothing more than being able to paint himself as the savior in New York. Even if it meant undercutting the man who saved his career in Indiana and who treated him with dignity and respect upon replacing him with the Knicks."

And now according to the New York Post, Thomas went on radio in Miami Tuesday and didn't deny any of the things Berger pointed out. Thomas didn't deny that he's advising Dolan on moves the Knicks should make, especially when it comes to landing Melo.

This whole thing makes me feel uncomfortable. First there was the effort over the summer with the Knicks trying to hire Thomas as an advisor, only for the league to determine it wasn't proper because of Thomas being a college basketball coach. Except he's still advising . He might not be doing it in an official capacity, but like Berger said, he still has Dolan's ear.

Thomas said on the radio show: "Everyone agrees they need to keep improving to get to a championship level. I don't think anyone's saying this is it. I do think the organization wants to improve to get better and get to the next to level. But for me to speculate on this Carmelo situation, I just don't think it would be proper to insert myself in such a public way knowing what I know. ... In order to get to a championship level, which every team aspires to get to, you try to get the best players and try to get as many as you possibly can and see if you can win it."

Isiah wouldn't go on record as to what he's doing precisely and wouldn't comment on if he'd ever return to the organization at some point.

"You ask me to be as honest as I can and I will be brutally honest with you," Thomas said. "I don't think anyone will say where they will be five years from now. But where ever I am in five years, I will be physically and emotionally prepared for whatever challenge is presented to me."

The whole Isiah Thomas situation in New York is really one of the weirdest things ever. The Knicks are just now finally recovering from Thomas's frivolous and wild spending, as Walsh has worked extremely hard to even give the Knicks an opportunity to land Melo in free agency. If Isiah were still in charge, New York wouldn't have had the chance at Amar'e Stoudemire, much less Anthony.

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Posted on: February 19, 2011 1:19 pm

Isiah Thomas doesn't deny involvement with Knicks

As long as James Dolan owns the Knicks,Knick fans will never enjoy a championship season.

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Posted on: February 19, 2011 12:31 pm

Isiah Thomas doesn't deny involvement with Knicks

Ah this is the best comment I have ever read on this website.  It is probably the first comment that is undeniably right.  Maybe if Thomas could get in a time machine and return to the 1980s he would be worth hiring (as a PG), but as a front office/Coach this guy is a bonafied retard.  I wish he would have looked at the Piston team he was on and maybe put together a team with an identity like that rather than a bunch of stat whore players.

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Posted on: February 18, 2011 3:26 pm

Isiah Thomas doesn't deny involvement with Knicks

What did they expect him to say?  "Yeah, I'm on my way right now to talk to the Nets"???  If that's happening he'll swear on his momma's life that it's not.....  in the end he'll be forced to talk, but not until he has to.  Whether he's going to the Nets or not, he's going to lie over and over again.

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Posted on: February 16, 2011 10:23 pm

Isiah Thomas doesn't deny involvement with Knicks

Good post.  Here's a difficult question to answer: who is the bigger jerk, Dolan or Isiah, or is it a dead heat?

Tongue out

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Posted on: February 16, 2011 4:32 pm

Isiah Thomas doesn't deny involvement with Knicks

How Dolan is friends with this jerk is beyond my imagination.  He still likes him even after he cost MSG tens of millions in the rape case.  Dolan is much like the Wilpons.  He does not care about winning, as long as he is making money.  Isiah has no clue how to run an organization.  Dolan should've learned the first time.  Walsh has done an incredible job in my opinion.  He has been able to make the Knicks respectable again by getting rid of all those bad contracts.  People said that he should have kept the team intact because of the talent, but Crawford and Zach Randolph all had bad contracts and Marbury was a cancer whether or not he played.  Randolph is a nice player and Crawford could score, but we were not going anywhere with them.  And with every trade he made to get his big name players, we took on bad contracts and gave up anything the teams wanted.  Here are some of the trades:

Marbury:  We got Penny Hardaway's monster deal and a player who could barely play just to get a player who had the stats but never won anywhere and the teams he played on all became championship contenders AFTER he left (See New Jersey, Minnesota, and Phoenix).  Also, the deal was finally completed last June because it involved trading a pick to Utah which Zeke did not leave lottery protected.
Curry:  They trade for a player and give him a max deal who is overweight, has a heart condition, and refused to get tested to see if it was genetic.  Give him up for two first round picks which are BOTH left unprotected by the lottery.  We also take on Antonio Davis and Curry has one "good" season, which in reality was not that good.  He averaged 20 ppg, but did not defend, averaged less than a blocked shot a game, and brought down SEVEN rebounds a game.  For a starting center, those defensive statistics are terrible.
Francis:  Trade Hardaway's bad contract, but it was EXPIRING for another score-first team cancer point guard who also saw his teams (Orlando and Houston) improve after he left.  He comes in injured and out of shape and couldn't manage to play much in a year and a half.
Randolph:  It was getting rid of Francis, but they took a contract that had four years remaining and expected him to co-exist with Curry.  With the poor spending on Allan Houston's contract, Marbury's deal, and overpaying Crawford and Curry, this was another bad contract piled on top of others for average players who were not known as winners.  The team wins 23 games and Zeke gets fired.

Why am I blabbing?  Isiah is a disease of a general manager and his eye for talent is for just that.  He does not look at whether or not they have big egos or were known as being good teammates.  He would have drafted Demarcus Cousins because of his talent, but overlooking that he was a baby and had a bad attitude when things didn't go his way.  Don't forget that he drafted Channing Frye over Bynum and Renaldo Balkman with our first round pick when most people, even college basketball fans, never even heard of him, and he was not even in the book of potential players to be drafted that was handed out to the people who went to the NBA Draft.  Dolan is a horrible owner who only is where he is because his father built an empire in Cablevision and like Paris Hilton, was born into the business.  His father was so confident in him running Cablevision that he came out of retirement to retake control of the company.  This guy is a clown who trusts not only a bad GM and coach, but also a rapist, is despised by all Knicks fans and has even punched fans to be GM.  Let Walsh run the show until he retires, and then let this new guy from Denver or Allan Houston take the reigns when he retires.  We just got out of Isiah's mess and as a long suffering fan who has not seen a title in my lifetime and wants to get the chance to see one, I know I cannot handle another Isiah regime.  Make sure Walsh gets Melo by not giving up too much and let him build the team around him and Stat.

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