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Andray Blatche blasts Wizards fans

Posted on: January 25, 2011 3:39 pm
Edited on: January 25, 2011 4:54 pm
Washington Wizards forward Andray Blatche blasts off on Wizards fans. Posted by Ben Golliver. andray-blatche

Somebody call Kanye West: We've got a blame game going on in the nation's capital. 

First, Washington Wizards coach Flip Saunders publicly called out forward Andray Blatche after the Wizards lost to the New York Knicks on Monday night. Saunders was quoted by as saying, "He was terrible, he was bad.  He was bad.  He didn't look like he had energy or something. He didn't have it.  When you're a quote-unquote go-to guy you can't have those kind of games.  You gotta get some energy and find a way to produce."

OK, the in-over-his-head coach of a team that just lost its 21st consecutive road game of the season blames his knucklehead go-to player. Not really the most productive course of action, but it's at least somewhat sensical, as Blatche went 2-10 in 28 minutes to finish with six points and five rebounds.

On Tuesday, however, SBNation DC quotes from a 106.7 FM rant that Blatche handled the pressure about as poorly as you could imagine, making three excuses for his poor play in one sentence -- he's ill, he has a shoulder injury and he has a knee injury -- before going on to say that he wasn't going to make any excuses. From there, the inane turned into the regrettable, as Blatche blasted off on Wizards fans, who he believes are disloyal, citing former teammates Gilbert Arenas as a trusted reference.
That caused him to share a conversation he had with Gilbert Arenas, in which the mercurial, divisive outgoing star told him 'You're next.'
"We had a discussion, and this is what he said to me. 'Just as fast as they turned on me, it's going to happen to you.' I took it as a joke, but I actually see what he's talking about. Everybody is looking for someone to blame, and I feel like I'm turning into that person just like Gil."

"If you're a Wizards fan, that means you cheer for everybody. That doesn't mean you'll come to a game and you shout 'Trade him!' If you're part of a Wizards organization fan group, that means you cheer for the team."
Blatche's understanding of the basketball fan is both completely wrong and condescending, as he apparently believes the general basketball-viewing public is made up of money-spending robots that should not concern themselves with matters of performance. And let's not forget character or civil decency, as Blatche put a black mark on his entire organization by fighting with teammate JaVale McGee at a nightclub on Christmas Eve and long-ago attempted a tryst with a lady of the night.

If Wizards fans weren't already shouting "Trade him!" they should be now. That is, if only anyone in the league would touch him. Blatche is unintentionally wise to compare himself with Arenas: he's another player standing in the way of John Wall's greatness who will wind up being very, very difficult to dump. 

As for Saunders, he's probably frustrated and at his wit's end, but he clearly applied more pressure than Blatche was capable of bearing. Throwing a player to the media wolves will only delay the inevitable for Saunders, who will surely take plenty of Heat himself before season's end.

The entire scene makes you feel bad for Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, as media-savvy and fan-friendly as NBA owners get. If I'm Leonsis, I'm looking at both Saunders and Blatche this week thinking, "Man, I can definitely do better than this."

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 11:36 am

Andray Blatche blasts Wizards fans

Blatche and the Lizards should consider themselves lucky anyone even shows up to watch their home games.  And the only time they draw a big crowd is when a marquee team comes to town.
Boy does this post miss everything by a mile. 11th season as a ticket holder, and I see the same faces every game I go. There's plenty of fan support in Washington, and there always will be. Stay in Maryland, ravens98fever, and continue to root for your bandwagon NBA team you chose to support this year and the new team the next. 

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Posted on: January 26, 2011 6:28 am

Andray Blatche blasts Wizards fans

Didn't the Wiz's last win come against Boston where almost every fan in the Verizon was a CELTICS excuses, you come to play, Blatche and Arenas proved the Wiz have huge character flaws. The only thing fans can look forward to is if the next number 1 pick is as good as Wall cuz they may just get him...unless Cleveland does.

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 7:00 pm

Andray Blatche blasts Wizards fans

This is exactly why the Wizards dont win games. They blame everyone but themselves for losing games and playing poorly. Clearly Blatche is immature and can't handle being the "go to guy" as shown by this and his fight with McGee earlier this year. Jon Gruden I'd hire you to coach and keep these young Wizards in line, maybe Bill Cowher too.

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Posted on: January 25, 2011 6:45 pm

Andray Blatche blasts Wizards fans

Blatche and the Lizards should consider themselves lucky anyone even shows up to watch their home games.  And the only time they draw a big crowd is when a marquee team comes to town.

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