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Fixing the BCS...

Posted on: February 22, 2012 3:54 pm
Why do we make this harder then it really is?  This is and always will be about money.  Money is provided by sponsors and fans.  The current BCS system isn't at all fair and awards/punishes teams that win or lose late in the season respectively.  In order to get it right, everyone is going to have to make concessions.  There are too many complaints from either side to list them out but a few of note is southern teams playing in colder climates, excessive travel and loss of big teams in big name bowl games.  

This is my proposal on fixing the BCS and there are some things that need to happen for my proposal to work out.  

1. Notre Dame and the rest of the independents need to pony up and pick a conference.  Conferences will take them even with their TV deal with NBC because they are Notre Dame and carry with them a fan base.

2. Consolodation/Formation of super conferences.  Every conference needs to have a championship game to name one true champion from their respective leagues.  I have a plan for the current landscape but the elimination of a couple of conferences only enhances this proposal.

3. Conference Championship games need to happen the first week of December at the latest.

I am going to use this past year's dates and championship teams to illustrate my point.

Dec 3rd- Conference Championship Games 

Dec 4th- Seeding

1. LSU (SEC)
2. Oklahoma State (B12)
3. Oregon (P12)
4. Wisconsin (B10)
5. Virginia Tech (ACC)
6. TCU (MWC)
7. Houston (CUSA)
8. WVU (BE)

The Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, ACC, Big East, PAC-12 would always have a team in the playoffs.  The final two spots would be the two highest ranked champions from the WAC, MAC, CUSA and MWC.  It is unfortunate but true that these are notoriously weaker conferences and they will not always be represented in the playoffs.  

Dec 24th- Round 1 BCS Playoffs:

1.LSU vs. 8.WVU 
2.OSU vs. 7. Houston 
3. Oregon vs. 6. TCU
4. WIS vs. 5. VT
(games would be assigned regional neutral fields ex- New Orleans, Atlanta, Indianapolis, St. Louis, San Diego, Phoenix etc.)

Dec 31st- Round 2 BCS Playoffs: (assuming highest seed wins)

OR vs. OSU 
(these two games would be rotated between two of the current BCS games ex- Fiesta, Rose, Sugar, Cotton and Orange)

Jan 6th- BCS Championship Game

LSU vs OR 
(just as it is now rotated between the BCS city stadiums)

So there you have it.  A playoff system.  All of the match-ups would feature teams that won their respective conference which puts the pressure on teams to win and doesn't diminish the in-season football on the way to a champion.  Is it possible that the number two ranked BCS team isn't in the playoffs?  Yes, it is incredibly possible.  Just like this past year Alabama would be missing.  They would be missing because not only didn't they win their division but they didn't win their conference.  The Super Bowl isn't always the best two teams in the league and it seems to work out just fine for them.  There would still be the big BCS games where teams like Alabama could be featured versus similar teams and the games would still do really well.  The BCS needs to change and this is my take on it.  It would make more money and finally name a true champion in college football.  Just think about some of the great match-ups that this layout could produce.  Make it happen. 
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