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The truth about John Calipari

Posted on: April 13, 2011 10:04 am
First the one and done issue. It's an NBA rule. But it would be extremely nice if the national media being writers such as Pat Forde, Pete Thamel, Jeff Goodman, Dan Wolken among many others would notice that fact before writing another story on how Calipari is ruining college basketball.  These writers are unethical trolls who deserves nothing but derision from every college sports fan.  One-and-done players are purely a creation of the NBA, and Calipari's job as head coach at Kentucky is to field the best team he can. That's his job. And it was to long ago in the past that it was not only expected, but almost demanded of coaches to recruit the best players they could.

Not to mention that the NCAA cannot require anyone to go to school, it is impossible under any law or regulation. Only the NBA can forbid its teams to take players younger than a certain age, and that only -- not years of college -- and can only do that through negotiations in the collective bargaining process.

Also consider the fact that their favorite media darling Mike Krzyzewski as well as Bill Self among many others recruits one and dones as well. But they're all acting as if that doesn't happen for some strange reason. Nothing but silence....Now take into consideration Krzyzewski's next prize recruit Austin River's comments on the possibility of the NBA changing their age rule policy.

"I don't think it's fair to a lot of guys who are ready to go. We're going to have guys in our class that are going to be ready to play after one year. There are certain people that are able to make that jump and you're trying to tell them they can't make that jump and they have to wait another year, risk another injury or something like that? At the end of the day it should be up to the player. It's his life. It's his choice."

Now I can't (and wouldn't even if I disagreed with him on the matter since he's a kid) condemn River's for his comments since I personally agree with him on the matter and feel that he's right and that it is up to the kids themselves and they should be allowed to go straight out of high school. But I still can just imagine the fallout and rhetoric from the national media had this been one of John Calipari's recruits. From claims that World Wide Wes was involved and was funneling money thru John Calipari's "Mercenaries" thru Kentucky (one and done U.) straight to the NBA. But since it's Krzyzewski it's silence.

Now John Calipari is a grown man and hardly needs me or anyone else to speak up for him or take his side but this outright hate for him, the University of Kentucky and especially the young men that come here and represent the University so well and especially the references to them as mercenaries makes me furious. These are still kids. Why or how anyone can refer to them as mercenaries is beyond me. What other choices do they have or are they being left with?

Next we have certain people such as Bobby Knight criticizing Calipari with his blasphemous remarks stating he didn't understand how we have this coach at Kentucky thats had two schools under his watch be placed on NCAA probation and he's still coaching.....I understand it doesn't matter to many in the media that Calipari has never been accused by anyone, let alone the NCAA, of any wrongdoing.  But his association with two scandals, the Marcus Camby ordeal at UMass (for which he was cleared and even praised by the NCAA) and the Derrick Rose ordeal at Memphis seem to be all that is needed for some to consider him the epitome of what is wrong with college basketball.

But why would the NCAA ban Calipari from coaching -- on what basis? Bobby Knight?  Calipari has done nothing to deserve that.  Jim Calhoun has done far worse, and so has Roy Williams, yet Calipari should be banned? Both Williams and Calhoun violated NCAA rules personally. The worst Calipari can be accused of is having had some of his players break the rules without his knowledge.

Bottom line it is mean-spirited and unnecessary, it's all pure misinformation, dissembling, and lies. There are so many factual mistakes, attacks that are appealing to people's emotions and prejudices instead their ability to think and reason, as well as unwarranted statements, it truly is mind boggling that any reasonable and intelligent person could read this garbage and not laugh at their incompetence.

Where are the articles from these so-called writers discussing anything good or decent that Calipari does. Like the millions of dollars that he and his family donate to the church street ministries in Memphis to help children learn to read. Or the millions he helped raise in relief of the Haiti earthquake victims. Or even the fact that he's in church every morning praying for others. I've also yet to read anything from the national media portraying anything positive about Calipari. Not one word was mentioned about last years team traveling to Canada and along the way Calipari stopping in Detroit and having the team wash childrens feet and fit them for shoes--or the many times he get's on a plane and travels to someone sick and dying to visit and offer a few words of encouragement. Or the recent National town hall meeting that aired on ESPN on Jan. 10th, 2011 that he attended. Or the many comments that i've read from Memphis fans describing how much they appreciated him while he was there and would regularly bring in someone that was sick and/or dying to Memphis practices.

Perhaps Mr. Knight, and Forde, Thamel, Tipton and many others should take a few lessons in humility as well as being humble, and how to treat others from Calipari and apply it to their own lives and come out a better person for it. I know I certainly could. But from what I see he's a much better person than the people critcizing him. And I truly believe he has these kids that play for him best interests at heart. He simply tells them the truth. Which is by far and above more than we're getting from these other people.

And I for one am glad he's at Kentucky. If he left tomorrow I'd hate it but I'd be happy for what he's done for the University of Kentucky, the kids he's brought here and coached, and happy for the time he was here.

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