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2010 Big Ten Basketball Tourney Talk

Posted on: March 11, 2010 11:30 pm
It's that time again, I can't wait for it to really get started.  We are less than a week away from the opening round of 16 games.  How many Big Ten teams will there be this year?  Illinois has got to win against Wisconsin and then likely Ohio State to clearly get in.  Not an easy task for sure.  Northwestern needs to run the table.  That is the only way we end up with 6 in.  If that happens the world would scream fix.  Us against the world again.

Let get this discussion started. Tenners Unite!!!!
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Posted on: March 16, 2010 9:45 pm

2010 Big Ten Basketball Tourney Talk

Hey I agree with you I think Wisconsin got WAY to high of a seed. I mean really they got the second highest seed for the Big10 in front of MSU and Purdue as they play Wofford, and Purdue gets stuck agaisnt Siena who should probably be at least a 10 seed.

I just finished my bracket, and I am going to try and type a detailed reasoning behind each pick and post it on a blog, I hope you check it out.

As for Big10 teams: I have the Gohpers losing to Xavier first game, Purdue making it to the sweet sixteen to get beat by Duke, MSU to make it the sweet sixteen to lose to Kansas, and Wisconsin to make it to the 2nd round only to lose to Temple. Oh, almost forgot I have Ohio State getting beat by Kansas in the elite 8.

I think with Purdue getting hurt, MSU struggling mightly, and OSU being placed in the same bracket as Kansas is bad news for the Big10 this year. 4 weeks ago I would have said OSU, MSU, and Purdue where locks for the elite 8, and that Purdue and MSU were final four favorites. Unfortunatly there have been obstacles for both squads basically allowing Ohio State to take the #1 seed in the tourney.

Just my opinion of course.


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Posted on: March 14, 2010 11:58 pm

2010 Big Ten Basketball Tourney Talk

The brackets are drawn and 5 Big Ten teams get into the NCAA. Seeding is controversial between Wisconsin and State where it seems the #4 and #5 seeds are reversed.They both could build a case for 4 seed.  Truly doesn't matter as either the #4 or #5 needs to take out a #1 in their 3rd game anyway.   Whats done is done now it is simply time to perform.

I feel that MSU will make it to the sweet sixteen as will Ohio State and Wisconsin.  I am not feeling Purdue getting through round 2 and likewise Minnesota will struggle in making the 16.

Lets hear your predictions for the first weekend.

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