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Targetting No. 51 - Dallas Cowboys 2009 Draft

Posted on: January 22, 2009 10:37 am

I am a man of action and change. That is why I love the Draft and really try to dive into it. I research top picks and multiple resources for mock drafts. I look to see what ideas people have when it comes to the needs of teams and who they believe will fill those needs. One of my favorite sites is Fantasy Football Jungle. On the Dallas <span style="color: #618bb5;">Cowboys page, they break down multiple mock drafts to figure out who the most popular pick would be.

<span style="color: #618bb5;">http://www.fantasyfootballjungle

The following shows who NFL draft enthusiasts think the Dallas Cowboys are going to get with their first 2 draft picks . Players are shown with the number of mock drafts that had this player going to the Cowboys, and the % of the time that this player was selected to go to the Cowboys. The bottom table gives a list of positions that the Dallas Cowboys are most likely targeting with their first 2 picks of the draft. What I am looking at is the position and the player themselves to see if there is an overwhelming favorite. It gives me as base line for needs. This draft is going to be very difficult to scout just because there are so many teams with 2 and 3 picks ahead of Dallas which really makes it difficult for me to figure which need will get addressed where.

I am going to post a draft position and two players and I would like your feed back on who you would take and why. I'm going to try and keep this running over the next couple of weeks.

Pick Number #51 overall: SS Patrick Chung (Oregon) vs. FS Rashad Johnson (Alabama)

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